Thursday, 6 September 2012

Recent Commissions

Hello again!

Sorry but I have made so many cards recently its taking a few posts to load them all!!

Here are some of my recent commissions....

I do like to be challenged when it comes to my card making and this one certainly did prove to be a challenge. My friend asked me to make her a card for a coule getting married but asked if they could be a nurse and an RAF bomb disposal man!! I hunted around for suitable images and found a nurse image on the Jelly Park website. I contacted Claire at Jelly Park to see if she had any RAF images and she very kindly drew this one for me! She also drew the man seperately and drew a female RAF image for use on cards for OBWS run by Cazz Wright.
My friend was very happy with the end result and it is nice to have been able to make such a personal card!!

The same friend also asked if I could make a wedding card for a Scottish couple using lots of pink and glitter! This is another Jelly Park image. I used pink tartan ribbon and some thistle embellishments for the Scottish element and sprayed the background card with spray and sparkle for the glitter!!

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